Questions and answers about Catbuilder

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Catbuilder is sold in the form of a user license. This is a one-time purchase. There is no subscription. To extend the operating guarantee from year to year, you can subscribe to an annual maintenance contract. This contract extends the functional guarantee, allows you to obtain periodic updates free of charge and to call on technical support in the event of a problem.
Catbuilder runs on all modern versions of Windows, on a PC or server with 2 GB of available RAM. A fast SSD drive is recommended. The space occupied on disk by the database depends mainly on the total size of the images you are going to use. It is recommended to reserve 4x this size on disk.
The application interface is available in the following languages: French, German, English, Dutch.
Catbuilder is a standalone application. The only software that must be installed in addition is a printer that allows you to generate a PDF file, such as PDFCreator, Adobe PDF printer, Bullzip PDF printer, etc.
If your IT infrastructure is insufficient or if you work with several people on Catbuilder but you are not on a corporate LAN/WAN, we can make a Cloud version available on one of our servers. Temporarily or longer term.